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European Bug In

Hi there race fans yesterday we went to the 2nd European Bug In, we drove almost 300 km to get to the racetrack at Chimay the belgian village were it was held.
Together with my clubmates Dirk and Raymond from the Aircore Shifters and my best friend Elvin"EllWorks" (Kustomizer and pinstriper) we had a great time although the weather was sh*t, at least the last couple of hours(it started raining) so there was little dragrace action but we saw some great rides all Vdubs(remember it was an aircooled meet) and we saw our friend Sven "ElCheapo'' who is also a talented pinstriper and special painter from Belgium (thanx for letting us dry up in your booth) he was hard at it so here is some pics enjoy and untill next time greetz DR.

EBI 2008

EBI 2008
split van

EBI 2008

EBI 2008
split van engine bay nice !!

EBI 2008

EBI 2008
Aloha !!!

EBI 2008

EBI 2008
outlaw porsche

EBI 2008

EBI 2008
outlaw porsche lettering

EBI 2008

EBI 2008
some nice kustom work on a bug

EBI 2008

EBI 2008
nice VolksRod

EBI 2008

EBI 2008
the strip

EBI 2008

EBI 2008
Sven @ work

EBI 2008

EBI 2008

4 Star Cruise Inn by the"AirCore Shifters" vitage volkswagen club

Aloha gearheads last Sunday on the 29th of june we the "AirCore Shifters" held our first vintage VW meet and it was a blast, we had more than 50 Vdubs lined up so we thought it was great!
We would like to thank all participants as well as family and friends to make this happen, so here are a few pics, we had a best in show award a cool bowling pin which was painted metalflake blue by me (DutchRumbler of DR's paintshack) and Elvin from EllWorks did the artwork pinstripes, lettering and our TiKi club logo, so thanx man.
Kai the owner of the gold Karmann Ghia was the overall winner so join us next year greetz DR.

EllWorks does it again

Dangerine vs Flying Bug by the otto bros from belgium 70's attitude but recently built

dinsdag 27 mei 2008

Been some time

Aloha my fellow gearheads I know it's been some time but I am back and I'll try and keep you posted with the latest news from the aircooled VW and Trump front so enjoy my latest vid, it's EllWorks pinstriping my friend HotRod's bug from '67 greetz DR.

zaterdag 22 september 2007


Hi there I know, I know it's been a while but as always some shit happens and there is no time to post something new...sorry.
But here it is as promised a new logo for this site, EllWorks designed it to my specs and I think it looks dynamite maybe some minor changes will be added but for now this logo stands, soon there will be a simmilar logo with the VW in it also with wings and this one we want to put into print on T's and sweats and maybe as a buckle or pin so you can add some VW class in DutchRumbler style to your collection, just keep watching it'll be here soon greetz DR.

donderdag 9 augustus 2007

new guestbook!

Ola vatos or should I say hi there friends, well what's new you ask?
The answer is I just added a guestbook so if you want to place a comment just click on "my guestbook" and you'll enter the "gasoline alley" I just love to hear from you my fellow gearheads.
I also put in my Hurst shifter and it works super short shifting no problemo also put on a popenose licensplate light with goldflake homemade paint next time pics cause the weather is like shit right now take care greetz DR.

maandag 30 juli 2007

Hurst shift like hell o yeah!

Hi fellow gearheads it finally arrived my original Hurst trigger shifter from the late sixties or begin seventies, you can get a repop from EMPI but why settle for a repop if you can get the real deal I scored it on thesamba.com, from Rich bug parts it's complete it seems to work and I'll install it coming week and see if it works in the car, furthermore 2 decals arrived also original sixties items so this made my week, well that's it for now I'll be back shortly till then keep cool and ride it like you stole it greetz DR.

dinsdag 17 juli 2007


Hey gang I just added a nice old skool vid for your viewing pleasure enjoy.
O yeah and I got a reaction from a guy named Bob on my message regarding the Dutch soldiers in Uruzgan I quote "Dutch soldiers. With the battles they're fighing calling them peacekeepers makes no sense. " well Bob since I don't know who you are or see where you're from I can say this these guys are not there to fight but will if engaged in battle and Bob FUCK YOU !

zondag 15 juli 2007

Dutch Forces in Uruzgan!

Hey gang it's been a while so here's just a little update and it's not really about Kustom Kulture fast bikes or cars but just a few lines so nobody forgets that while we are having a blast with our drags, bikes and what more there are still people out there in war zones they are trying to bring peace in regions that are or have been at war these soldiers deserve our respect and support, why am I writing this well because my brother went to Afghanistan last week the region Uruzgan at "Kamp Holland" the last couple of weeks some Dutch peace keepers where killed and injured so I just wanted to tell them they do a good job and I put a nice pic of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth up on the blog just to say hi and keep up the good spirit(so some Kustom Kulture is in here anyway Haha) "Big Daddy" did some art work for the armed forces during the vietnam war I jus borrowed it well that's it for now greetz from your fellow gearhead and patriot and remember guys if you want to be Kool go Old Skool, DR.

maandag 2 juli 2007

old skool chop update!

Well boys and girls some more work has been done to the old skool chop project the Trump is on it's own the oil tank is in place as is the sprocketbrake, handlebars etc. some more welding has to be done some stuff has to be ordered but if all goes well and the money flow doesn't stop I guess somewhere near the end of the summer it'll be finished, and speaking of money flow soon there will be some neat T's on this site for you to order I am working on some designs right now when they are ready you'll see them here first and if order 1 or 2 you can be sure the money will be well spent on the OSC projectbike and the Hippy Killer VW Gasser project keep the faith boys and girls hang loose and keep on rumbling greetz from your fellow gearhead DR.